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Easy & For free

Domotica has never been this easy. On top of that: it's all for free!


Add-ons No limits

In the Add-ons you can freely customize the features you want to support.


Mobile Apps

All mobile: Android (ImperiHome compatible) and iOS app. Responsive website.


Rules Flexibility

With the Blocky system you can define very advanced rules to do precisely what you want.

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Existing Raspberry Pi installation?

If you are currently running PulseStation on a Raspberry Pi, we have good news for you!Raspberry-pi-3


Get inspired




Google home – voice automation

Google has just announced a new product, that is coming in a few months: Google home.

Google home

Talk to me: “Tell me the weather” or “Welcome home” via speech (tts)

If you have a Sonos or Imperihome app device, you can use them to make your home talk to you.speaker tts home automation

– Say a welcome home message
– Announce the weather every morning at 8 o’clock
– Scare away thieves by talking to them

Below we’ll describe a simple scene that announces the weather every morning at 8 o’clock: (more…)

Mobile Android / iOS app: Imperihome

In order to control PulseStation, you can use the Imperihome mobile app.


1) Inside the PulseStation administration panel, go to the store and install the Imperihome service.

2) (more…)

Send email executes actions (events via My.PulseStation)

It’s very easy to execute actions in your domotica system by just sending an email to it.
We have a specific “Email To Event” function for this.


How it works: (more…)

Nodon Remote Controller

The Nodon remote control is a nicely designed small remote control.
It’s very flexible and allows you to control anything in your home automation system.



It’s quite easy to set it up with PulseStation: (more…)

Get an SMS when a stock rises with x%

Inside Pulse-Station you have to package ‘Yahoo finance’. Alert on share price increase

It allows you to:

  • display the evolution of your shares in a graph on your dashboard,
  • set rules to inform you when a share increases or decreases (using blocky).


Best domotica protocols 2016

best domotica protocols 2016

Before you buy a domotica system, ALWAYS ask which communication protocol it uses and supports.

There is a huge difference between them, so asking yourself this question is crucial for relaxing in your home/office.
You want a system that supports several protocols, so that you are ready for the future in case one becomes standard.


Best domotica systems in 2016

There are several key elements you want your domotica system to have:Best domotica systems 2016

  1. Support many protocols
    Domotica is brand new and rapidly changing. Do not buy a system that supports only 1 protocol or type of hardware. If you want to switch in a few years to a newer, faster or better protocol, you should be able to do so.
  2. Do not lock yourself to only 1 protocol
    Use open protocols for your domotica, so that anyone can build on it and extend it. If one day your current supplier goes bancrupt, you can just keep buying new hardware and get support from other suppliers using the same protocol.
  3. Buy domotica you can easily extend
    Either choose for wireless (you can keep extending this) or forsee enough room in your electricity cabinet for future growth.