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Our latest posts

Full DSM 6.x support

All tests have succeeded, many users are running on DSM 6. 🙂

Thank you to all users helping us test.
Note: if Z-wave USB key is not recognized, try putting it in the front port of your Synology instead of the back port.

For DSM 6 the start/stop status is working now as well, you can see it running in the package center.
Note: it only works for new installations, older installations still use the old start/stop script.

Partial DSM 6.1 support

We just added partial support for DSM 6.1 beta.

More particularly: version DSM_6.1-15022 is now supported.

We are still working on trying to get the USB key to work as well. We will keep you posted once we have a break through on this as well.

New Synology model supported

We just added support for DSM6 on Synology devices running on armada38x.

A big thank you to user Moritz, for helping us detect this issue!

Best domotica protocols 2017

best domotica protocols 2016

Before you buy a domotica system, ALWAYS ask which communication protocol it uses and supports.

There is a huge difference between them, so asking yourself this question is crucial for relaxing in your home/office.
You want a system that supports several protocols, so that you are ready for the future in case one becomes standard.


Best domotica systems in 2017

There are several key elements you want your domotica system to have:Best domotica systems 2016

  1. Support many protocols
    Domotica is brand new and rapidly changing. Do not buy a system that supports only 1 protocol or type of hardware. If you want to switch in a few years to a newer, faster or better protocol, you should be able to do so.
  2. Do not lock yourself to only 1 protocol
    Use open protocols for your domotica, so that anyone can build on it and extend it. If one day your current supplier goes bancrupt, you can just keep buying new hardware and get support from other suppliers using the same protocol.
  3. Buy domotica you can easily extend
    Either choose for wireless (you can keep extending this) or forsee enough room in your electricity cabinet for future growth.


Yahoo weather update

We just released a new version of the Yahoo weather service.

– If yahoo is down or doesn’t respond to the weather update request, we ignore the update until the connection succeeds again.
– The status updates are now written to the logs, so you can see when it failed
– We’ve written a manual inside the Yahoo Weather service, use the small bleu information button for instructions on how to use.

We intend to document all services much better from now on.

Amazon Echo support: voice control

You can now control PulseStation using your voice.

This thanks to Amazon Echo (Dot), a voice control device and audio player.


Raspberry pi script updated

Last weekend we updated the Raspberry Pi installer script.

It will now install the latest version of all the packages.

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Enjoy 🙂  🙂  🙂 

Z-wave library updated

We just launched an update for the z-wave package.
Now the latest devices are supported.