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Z-wave library updated

We just launched an update for the z-wave package.
Now the latest devices are supported.


10 Days weather forecast

Inside the updated yahoo weather service, you will get the weather forecasts for the next 10 days!
To update yahoo weather to version 1.0.2, please delete all your cities and then add them again.

Yahoo weather update: read this

After almost 2 months of development in my evenings, I finally finished my Pulse-Station package build-script.
This means I can now build packages for 36 different devices (synology has a lot of models) with a single command.

It still takes some time, as I still need to copy the new files in 36 new directories, but at least the build script is automated.

However, a small warning: (more…)

DSM 6.0.2-8451 support

We just added support for the latest DSM version: 6.0.2-8451

You should now be able to install this package from within the package center.

Meanwhile we are back from holiday, so we can continue working on PulseStation.

Existing Raspberry Pi installation?

If you are currently running PulseStation on a Raspberry Pi, we have good news for you!Raspberry-pi-3


Get inspired




Google home – voice automation

Google has just announced a new product, that is coming in a few months: Google home.

Google home

Talk to me: “Tell me the weather” or “Welcome home” via speech (tts)

If you have a Sonos or Imperihome app device, you can use them to make your home talk to you.speaker tts home automation

– Say a welcome home message
– Announce the weather every morning at 8 o’clock
– Scare away thieves by talking to them

Below we’ll describe a simple scene that announces the weather every morning at 8 o’clock: (more…)

Mobile Android / iOS app: Imperihome

In order to control PulseStation, you can use the Imperihome mobile app.


1) Inside the PulseStation administration panel, go to the store and install the Imperihome service.

2) (more…)