Add an EnOcean device

For the moment, Pulse Station supports these EEP (EnOcean Equipment Profile) :

  • 07-04-02
  • A5-02-05
  • A5-04-01
  • A5-06-01
  • A5-07-01
  • A5-12-01
  • A5-20-01
  • D5-00-01
  • F6-02-01

1/ Install the service

Before adding a device to your network, you have to install the EnOcean’s service.
To do that, go to “Store” and search for the EnOcean’s service.
Click the button on the top right to install it.


Note : This button changes when a new version is available or when the service is installed

2/ Configure the service

Once the service is installed, you have to configure the service.
The only property you have to configure is the “Serial Port”.

By default, the value is “/dev/ttyUSB0”.

Check the tuto “How To : Find the serial port” to find the right serial port.

3/ Adding a device

You have 2 options for adding a device :

  • Wait that the device send a telegram (You have to set the EEP manually)
  • Click on the inclusion button of the device (it will send a data telegram to the controller with the EEP)

Set an EEP manually
Go to the tab “General” and set the EEP’s profile.


Once the EEP is set, you have to wait to the next telegram…
The service will decode the value and update the needed properties.