Best domotica systems in 2017

There are several key elements you want your domotica system to have:Best domotica systems 2016

  1. Support many protocols
    Domotica is brand new and rapidly changing. Do not buy a system that supports only 1 protocol or type of hardware. If you want to switch in a few years to a newer, faster or better protocol, you should be able to do so.
  2. Do not lock yourself to only 1 protocol
    Use open protocols for your domotica, so that anyone can build on it and extend it. If one day your current supplier goes bancrupt, you can just keep buying new hardware and get support from other suppliers using the same protocol.
  3. Buy domotica you can easily extend
    Either choose for wireless (you can keep extending this) or forsee enough room in your electricity cabinet for future growth.

So before choosing a domotica system, first choose the best domotica protocol fitting your needs. Read our article on this: Best domotica protocols 2017

Once you have chosen the protocols you want to support, you can start verifying which domotica system supports the protocols you want:

[table] Protocol,Z-wave,EnOcean,X10 based,IP-devices, KNX, Zigbee,Insteon


Fibaro home center,Y,N,N,Y,N,N,N







SmartThings hub,Y,N,N,Y,N,Y,N


Somfy (closed system!),Very limited,N,Partially,Very limited,N,N,N [/table]

Certain domotica providers, like Somfy, work with closed protocols and limited devices they allow or support.
They try to force you to buy hardware from them. Be very carefull about them.

If you notice something could be wrong in this table, please contact us immediately. It’s important for us to keep this updated.
Thank you!