Do you want to make modifications to PulseStation?
Great, let’s get started!

Option 1

Use the PHP block inside blocky to add any custom PHP function you’d like to PulseStation.
This allows you to call api’s, read & process data, switch IP based devices, …

If you create a custom php block, please share it with us in the forums, so others can enjoy it as well!

Option 2

Write a new module (service, panel, …) for PulseStation.
This is basically a zip file that can be installed by users from within the Add-ons.

There are 6 kinds of Add-ons you can develop:

  1. Panels: this is the front end, displayed in the dashboard for the users. Eg: buttons to switch the state of devices, or display of current temperature.
  2. Themes: allows you to completely change the entire design of PulseStation
  3. Menu’s: add an item (eg: dropdown menu) inside the blue ribbon on top of PulseStation, next to your login name.
  4. Services: talk to devices, read status, change status, update data, write to logs, … This is what works in the background for you.
  5. Layouts: different ways to display your devices inside the dashboard. Eg: floor plan, grid, …
  6. System: read and overwrite system data. You should not need this.

Please first read our first high-level tutorials:

We are working on adding more information soon, but meanwhile do not hesitate to ask questions in the forum or chatbox.