Existing Raspberry Pi installation?

If you are currently running PulseStation on a Raspberry Pi, we have good news for you!Raspberry-pi-3

If you execute following commands, you will have following new features:
– Automatically allow z-wave usb key to be detected (no more permission errors)
– Automatically start PulseStation on reboot of your rpi

Interested in these improvements? Just execute following commands in the terminal or via ssh:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout www-data
wget --quiet - https://pulse-station.com/app/PulseStationRpiStartBoot.sh
sudo mv PulseStationRpiStartBoot.sh /etc/init.d/PulseStation
chmod +x /etc/init.d/PulseStation
sudo update-rc.d PulseStation defaults
sudo reboot


Ps: I’ve also written an article about how to change the time (zone) on your raspberry pi, if the time in the logs is wrong: