This is truly a multi-functional, free-of-charge, Domotica system.

Example use-cases

– Voice control your house
– Alarm system: get a free SMS if motion is detected or a door is opened.
– Motion? Turn on the lights in that room. No more need for switches.
– Watch your camera’s from your smartphone
– Change the light color to your mood, the rising of the sun, …
– Prepare coffee a few minutes before your alarm goes off
– Control the heating of your house and save money with smart heating rules
– Change the color of you water based on it’s temperature, warm water is more red
– Control the Sonos music in your house from you smartphone
– Close the window blinds if it’s going to be a hot day or the sun is too bright
– Get a warning if your plants need water / love
– Water your plants remotely while you are on holiday
– Switch the TV channel using an infra-red blaster
– Smart smoke alarm: send an sms, inform neighbours, … It’s your call
– Healthy air monitoring
– Pre-heat the bed 30 minutes before you go to bed
– All-off button, save energy when not at home
– Start the airco using an IR blaster
– The sky is the limit. In case of doubt, just ask us, but there is a big change PulseStation can do it

Some examples of supported devices

Heathing: Danfoss, Google Nest Thermostat, …

nest_img    danfoss

Voice control: Amazon Echo (Dot) with Alexa


Motion: Fibaro, Aeon Labs, Ecolink, Belkin-WeMo (via ifttt), …

fibaro-motion-sensor-teaser aeonlabs_img motionsensor_img

Music: Sonos, Radio, …

sonosplay-5 sonos_img

Fire and CO: Fibaro, Nest (via ifttt), …


Sirens: Aeon, Fibaro, …


Locks: Yale (z-wave version), Danalock, Kwikset Kevo (via z-wave bridge), …

kwikset_kevo yale_img

Door, Window, Garage opening Sensor: Aeon Z- Wave, Fibaro, …


Water Leak Sensor: Fibaro, …

fibaro-flood-sensor waterleaksensor_img

Dimmers and light switches: Fibaro, Qubino, Aeon labs, Everspring, Popp, Duwi, Benext, TKB, Z-Waveme, GE, … Via ifttt: Belkin-WeMo, Philips Hue, LIFX, SmartThings, …
ge_img   belkin-wemo-switch   philipshue_img   wall-plug-smallest   lifx
Shade Controller


Webcams: DropCam PRO (to be verified), Belkin Netcam HD+ (to be verified), …

belkin_netcamHD dropcam_img

Weather stations: Netatmo, …
Garden and plants: Parrot flower power, GreenIQ irrigation (via ifttt service)


And many many more devices!

Some highlights

– Control Z-wave, EnOcean and ifttt conntected devices
– Create advanced rules using lego-style drag and drop (easy)
– Google Calendar integration
– Free alarm system included
– Yahoo weather
– Yahoo Finance
– Control Sonos devices
– Multi-room management
– Virtual devices
– Android and iOS supported app (Imperihome)
– Mobile friendly dashboard
– Arm and disarm your alarm system
– Multilingual : English, French, Dutch, German or help us translate to your language
– Multi-user support with different access rights
– …

Some screenshots

Supported languages