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Hi Jordi,Hi Mika

Jordi, you’re right ! I have the same problem in my core service log. Here is the same message :

2015-09-11 21:21:08.324 Message In Core : 1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|3|true
2015-09-11 21:21:08.552 vdevices : Message received – 1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|3|true|1441999268485|054b0fff1739997b9bd793ee5cc1ab01
2015-09-11 21:21:08.740 Message In Core : 9|054b0fff1739997b9bd793ee5cc1ab01|1|vdevices|HUB|2|PARAMETERS_PROBLEM

Mika said that he’ll work on “XML” options in the future.. we may have to wait for his feedback….

I’ll try it again this week end !