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Hi Mika,

I’ve done a refresh of my panels, and now, there is no error in the log anymore.
Here is the message :

2015-09-12 10:18:30.473 Message In Core : 1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-1||true
2015-09-12 10:18:30.736 vdevices : Message received – 1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-1||true|1442045910633|72d0bc39bacd1a93baefde80bc2fb97f
2015-09-12 10:18:31.023 Message In Core : 9|72d0bc39bacd1a93baefde80bc2fb97f|1|vdevices|HUB|1|DEVICE_UPDATED

However, it’s still not working… Nothing sent on the network…
I don’t know if that can help you, but we can’t make modifications in the custom menu in the dashboard. All options (config.button.label for example, colors) are not avaible or doesn’t work.

Many thanks for the xml device. If you need (and want of course) I can help you to test it.. 😉