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Hi Jerem, Hi Mika,

I have troubleshooting with my HD Cam (Foscam)too. In fact, you can’t read the HD stream directly.
But you can modify parameters of the cam to stream in Mpeg rather than HD.

I’ve done this modifications, and it now works with ‘http’ command on an Internet navigator.(You keep main stream in HD, and sub stream in Mpeg)

But after this, I have problem with the ‘camera.flux’ parameter.
I try to put my command line with login conditions (with my MYUSR and MYPWD variables of course):


But it doesn’t work. So I have a question.

How does the application compile different parameters ?
I try to put MYUSR and MYPWD in the camera.username and camera.password too, with no result.

Is it possible to have this two fields (camera.username and camera.password) like variables to create the ‘camera.flux’ we want? With a syntax-line like mine ?
It will offer more possibilities for Cam compatibility I think.

Thanks for all