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Impossible to start PulseStation.
Everything’s was clean before install (older version removes & nothing in applications directory).

install.log :
2/07/16-17:11:50 Installation started
02/07/16-17:11:50 PulseStation’s web interface installed.
02/07/16-17:11:50 Default PulseStation’s services installed.
02/07/16-17:11:50 Configuration done.
02/07/16-17:11:50 Shortcut created.
02/07/16-17:11:50 Script to restart application after reboot done.
02/07/16-17:11:50 No drivers for this DSM version – 6.0-7274. You’ll not be able to use the Zwave/EnOcean functionnalities. Please contact the Pulse Station team.

/volume2/@appstore/PulseStation directory owner is admin (group users). Others (including Plex manually installed) are root.

I have the same results – DSM 6 beta 2 on a DS1815+. happy to provide temporary SSH access if needed