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Hi Mika,

just wondering how my request is developing.
I’m totally unsecure which parameter is determining the lamella angle. I just saw that this is possible in the Fibaro Home Center. For me there are still some parameters unclear.
In the Tab2 (see attachm.) of the Fibaro Roller Shutter Properties there are some parameters which could play a role:
– Dimmning Duration
– Step Sie
– Button Inc and Dec (Inclination? and Declination?)
Perhaps also Tab4 could help. Parameters:
– Roller Shutter operating modes
– In Venetian Blind mode the parameter determines time of full turn of the lamellas

However if I creat a blockly rule I tried to controll the lamella angle with the parameter Switch (set to true or false). I tried to program it time dependend, but the smallest unit in the block time is 1 second. This is to high for a lamella angle setting.

Do you have a proposal?