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For your first question :

You have under the “Util” tab a block called “Timer”. This block will execute the actions specified in it after x minutes. If your scene is called again, the timer will recalculate the time.
If you want to try it with your scene in attachment, add the block “run scene manually”.
The scene will only be execute when you click on it on the dashboard.

For your second question :

Try to run your scene step by step.
Eg :
1/ Add the “IF” block” and set the value of “Volets auto” to true;
2/ Add the “AND” in your if and see if it’s still OK
3/ Add the timer block
4/ …

I think it’s needed if your are not familiar with blockly.

Note : Once you have created your scenes dont forget to regenerate your panels to have it on the dashboard.