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thanks for your reply!

I guess that I have multiple problems 🙂 I just try to solve each one seperately.

Blocky worked yesterday….. If time ist between 22:00 and 23:00 turn on the light….. Worked! Happy

I dont get it, how I can switch the light, in an elegant manner like over the Phone or one clik on the laptop on and off outside of the blocky rule…..

So my try was to use the app stated in den FAQ of Pulsestation…

Now my problem is that I can´t connect the app to the NAS…. Po 4070 does not work. I want to use the phoneonly in my personal Wifi. No connekton over the web needen. So I dont want to turn the light on/off while at work only at home

Ich have very lillte knowalge of networkstuff….. so I tried:

TCP Portforwading in den Wirelessrouter TCP to the IP:Adress of the NAS wir the PORT 4070….

In addition I thought I opened all connections in the NAS in the Firewall…. as the sole opening of the port 4070 in the Synology-Firewall also did not make any difference.

Now I am lost…

I Tried tocheck the connections and the reachability of the Ports using the windows- tool “telnet” in the commandline. I can reach fo example port 5000 (standart to reacht the userinterface of DSM 5.2) but I can never connect to 4070…

Can I use a different Port, that is allready there in the NAS BOX, so that Ih dont have to open an totally new one?

Any one of Those?

Best reguards

Stefan from Germany