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    Ok What I mean to do, is
    1 -put some movement sensor around the house and do something when motion is revealed
    2 -Have a feed back if the analogic Alarm is ARMED, so i bought HAC01 and connect it with button that arm the alarm. (at the bottom the link to the HAC01’s paper)
    what I did:
    – installed pulsestation on dsm6 . DONE
    – installed zwave and devices – DONE
    – installed pushover – DONE
    – Block (a lot) – DONE

    Testing sensor had been hard, but finally I got a whole day working of the sensor with push notification on “event on” + feedback of “battery status”.

    Now- switch has’nt got “device event” bloc (I’m not sure,if first time I install usb stick it seems to haave, next i reset it and it diappear may be?).

    I try some block with if- device event==device value… but If I understood it doesn’t works because scene is activated every 1 minutes, but the device switch only for few second.

    This is what happen whne i arm the analog alarm:
    NOde002 is the HAC01

    2016-05-03 07:25:01.153 Detail, Node002, Received: 0x01, 0x09, 0x00, 0x04, 0x00, 0x02, 0x03, 0x20, 0x01, 0x63, 0xb1
    2016-05-03 07:25:01.153 Detail,
    2016-05-03 07:25:01.154 Info, Node002, Received Basic set from node 2: level=99. Sending event notification.
    2016-05-03 07:25:01.154 Detail, Node002, Notification: NodeEvent
    2016-05-03 07:25:04.492 Info, Notification: Value Changed – Add DB Record for device id zwave-2 and value id 48-user-bool-1-0
    2016-05-03 07:25:04.500 Info, mgr, Manager::WriteConfig completed for driver with home ID of 0xe4bdfed5

    MAY someone help me?

    thank you

    Thank you all


    Do you mean your everspring device was listed in the device event before, but not anymore?
    That’s strange.

    Did you already try services / zwave / controller commands / clear config files?
    It should then rescan your device and detect again it can be used in combination with device event.

    Also verify the associations of this device, that it has a link to node001

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    Kind regards,


    further more…
    Since there are two ways of pairing the devices Zwave with the usb Dongle.
    I assumed those are indifferent but…

    Gen5 Aeotec USB dongle has got a battery and a S.O., you push the button on it and push the button of the device to pair it, but probably it is able to recognise “some” data of the device which are not the same brand, that means not all the data the device is read.

    Using instead the command API in pulsestation, it override the SO of the dongle writing the right file with all the device data.

    May be that help

    Thank you all


    after two months…

    motion sensor sp103 work for all this time, and also services: blocky and pushover.

    Yahoo finance block unusefull because it reset every time it doesn’t find a reply, as already analised in other topic.

    Tree days ago everithing stop working.

    investigating about : battery of SP103.
    investigating about : service yfinance… but can’t start. ..

    hoping in the future, because i bought a fibaro binary sensor….

    Thank you all


    Yahoo finance: there should be a new package available fixing this issue.
    Which distribution and cpu type are you running on?

    For the everything stopped: I don’t understand, what exactly stopped?
    Did you change anything?
    Otherwise contact us in the chat, so we can take a look together.

    Kind regards,

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