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    According to Lisas article:

    Actually Pulse-Station doesn`t accept Web requests via DDNS.
    So if you don`t have a steady internet IP you need a little Workaround!

    Here we go:
    1) create a new alexa.php in the mainfolder of Pulsestation:

    if($_GET[‘secret’]==”123456″ && $_GET[‘action’]==1){
    $temp = file_get_contents(“http://LocalIP:4020/message=1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-26|1|true”);
    elseif($_GET[‘secret’]==”123456″ && $_GET[‘action’]==2){
    $temp = file_get_contents(“http://LocalIP:4020/message=1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-26|1|false”);

    secret=phrase; LocalIP=your IP, where PulseStation is installed

    2) at you make a webrequest with this parameter:

    DDNS=e.g. “”

    Thats`s all.
    A lot of thanx to Koen for his patience to create this workaround.




    I have no clue about php so could you please explain this a little bit more?
    Which ports do i need to open in the firewall? 4020 for all tasks?
    Are there only 2 actions possible?
    Can I use the script without a secret phrase?
    What means best&action?

    Thanks a lot.



    Hi bambuz,
    4020 must be open (But this should already be opened to control PulseStation from outside home)
    As afar as I know there are no limits of numbers of actions.
    I took only 2 in this example to explain the howto.
    Im not sure abaout the secret phrase. Maybe you dont need it, but think of security.

    Thank you for hint. Was an error in copy and paste. Before I took “123456” I had “bestsecretoftheworld” 😉

    Maybe this should work, too:
    $temp = file_get_contents(“http://LocalIP:4020/message=1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-26|1|true”);
    $temp = file_get_contents(“http://LocalIP:4020/message=1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-26|1|false”);
    Unless IFTTT doesn`t understand another languages, you have to make the call in englisch.
    Or mix e.g. Englisch/German: “Alexa, trigger daheim”.
    In this point you have to look for the right “combination” 😉

    Greetings from Munich



    tried to start with what Lisa wrote and i have a weird behaviour on my side..

    if i setup the URL as Lisa writes in the article it won’t work.
    But if i leave out the “/user/password/” part it runs.
    So at the moment my url in IFTT is
    i’m not sure if i exactly like that, because on the other hand that means anyone with knowledge of PulseStation who happens to find out my ip and that port 4020 is open can completly control my devices…

    Anyone able to tell me why this is working without username and password??

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    Hi Raven,
    actually I make some experiments with a Pulsestation Skill and I can confirm: It works even without user/password if you use a external IP.

    With DynDNS I don`t get any result.
    In the Core log is only written a “Core : Security True…1”


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