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    now my Pulse-Station is running perfect, it`s time for a new challenge:
    I want to turn on/off my WLAN at Fritzbox with an url…

    IF I`m @ home (virtual device)
    THEN turn on WLAN @ Fritzbox 7390

    For this I found a good article:
    Theme: Wlan ein/ausschalten

    Unfortunately I´m too “newbie” to understand, what to do…

    Is here someone who made this already run with his/hers PulseStation?

    Miss Laura

    You can use the blocky php block for this.
    Just download the php code from that link, put it inside a folder in PulseStation and then you can use those files inside blocky if you include them.

    If you do not want to do it yourself, experience teaches me that if you take this 2x,
    then they do it for you:

    Just a small question: how do you detect you are at home?
    Because if you use WLAN for it, like I do, then you cannot disable WLAN, since it won’t detect you came home 😉

    Have fun,


    Hi Laura,
    I first made “I`m at home” via the description with the http server ping to my handy for the shutters
    But I realized that it
    a) took to long until the ping response was positiv, when I came home (one minute can be very long) and
    b) was not very “reliable”
    So I sometimes stand outside the terrace and the shutters keep closed 🙁

    I made now a manual, virtual switch called “athome” and added it to my routine with the ping…
    IF Ping responce positive OR Switch athome=true

    I still keep on looking for the right parameters to define my status “athome”.
    Maybe I have to play with the permiable variables… 🙂

    I keep on experimenting with the turn on/off the Wlan.

    Thanx so far.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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