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    Hi there,
    summer is coming soon and it`s time to make some thoughts about a green garden.
    As I don`t want to spent a lot of money in a hardware watersensor, I solved it with blocky.
    Have fun:

    I devided the sensor in two parts:
    1) When was the last rainy day?
    2) Do I have to activate the garden sprinkler

    Here`s the 1)
    <img src=””&gt;
    Its simple explained: Pulse-station checks the Weather-ID every 15 minutes and ifs not a “sunny” ID, I write the variables ($weatherID) and ($LastRainDay)

    Here`s the 2)

    In the morning and the evening I check the temparature. If it`s to cold (<22) I set my virtual binary switch “Sonnentag” to “false”
    If it`s hotter, then I check when there was the last rainy day. If it was yesterday or a date before I set my Sonnentag” to “true”

    Finally I put 1) and 2) in one scene and voila: A cheap solution for a rainsensor.

    Greetings from Munich

    PS: If you are interested in how to realize a pulse-station controlled garden sprinkler, contact me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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