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    Hi guys,

    First, thanks for everything, pulsestation on my NAS is simply amazing, I had a lot of fun with it so far 🙂

    However, I have some issues trying to shut off / on my zwave devices by calling an url.
    Indeed, I’m controling everything with imperihome which is great but I can’t manage to make it work by simply putting it all together with an URL.

    Here is how I managed to make it work :
    1) calling ON OFF on the dashboard on a specific device (simple plug controller)
    2) checking the log to get both on and off command

    Message In Core : 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|false
    zwave : Message received - 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|false|1454610565201|232799316f291b4ad0a216cd6c514759
    Message In Core : 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true
    zwave : Message received - 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true|1454610569479|35b01bf14f658f2d4ca0b1061df6b0cf

    With the log, I guess 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|false is for the OFF command and 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true is for the ON.

    3) Putting it all in a browser http://myip:4070/message=1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|false

    But it’s not working :/

    I also tried with curl in a command line :

    curl --request GET 'http://myip:4070/message=1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|false'

    All I got from the browser or from the command line is : {“id” : “My Service”, “apiversion” : 1}

    Any idea what’s wrong with all of this ?

    Thank you very much 🙂



    If you use your local ip, you do not need login and password, so in that case it’s fine.
    Otherwise follow steps here:

    It looks also like you are using a wrong port.
    Could it be you are using the imperihome port instead of the zwave port?
    For me it’s 4020, instead of 4070

    This works for me.

    It should work from your browser 🙂

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    Kind regards,


    God, you are right it was the wrong port !

    Now I have :
    {“Root”: { “Response”: { “Status”: “_API_COMMAND_OK_”, “ErrorCode”: “”, “ErrorMessage”: “” }}}

    which means it’s working !

    Thanks for the quick answer 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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