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    Maybe you need to define a timeperiod for using it in other scenes.
    For TIME between you can use the Blocky. But there isn`t a blocky for DATE between.

    We work with 3 variables and a free PHP-Blocky (you find it in the “Util” folder inside Blocky)
    We need:
    – Startdate
    – Enddate
    – summer (name of the variable

    phpcode for PHP-Blocky:
    $startTime = strtotime($startdate); $endTime = strtotime($enddate);
    $startFormat = date(‘Y-m-d’,$startTime); $endFormat=date(‘Y-m-d’, $endTime);
    if(date(‘Y-m-d’) >= $startFormat && date(‘Y-m-d’) <= $endFormat){

    After this we can use the variable for making request at it:

    Scene Summer


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