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    I want to use my DS 210J NAS associated with a z-stick gen5 as a domotic controler.
    Unfortunately, there are no drivers for my DSM version. I can’t upgrade to DSM 6 as my NAS is too old.
    Is there a solution using Pulse Station with my existing NAS ?

    11/02/16-12:58:37 Installation started
    11/02/16-12:58:57 PulseStation’s web interface installed.
    11/02/16-12:58:57 DSM Major version : 5.
    11/02/16-12:58:57 DSM5 -> Default PulseStation’s services installed.
    11/02/16-12:58:57 Configuration done.
    11/02/16-12:58:59 Shortcut created.
    11/02/16-12:58:59 Script to restart application after reboot done.
    11/02/16-12:58:59 No drivers for this DSM version – 5.2-5967. You’ll not be able to use the Zwave/EnOcean functionnalities. Please contact the Pulse Station team.

    Thank you !




    I just added support for your dsm version.
    Can you refresh the package center and try installing it again?

    Kind regards,



    Thank you for your quick support.
    I can now see my z-stick !!! I’m going to try installing my roller shutter 2.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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