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    Does anyone already upgrade to DSM 6.1?
    I’m hesitating , because after each syno update I have issues, like php not running or USB driver no working anymore…

    Miss Laura

    Many users already upgrade.
    You will have to execute the command again to fix php though 😉

    Have fun,


    oh, ok thanks,

    I’ll try this WE, if have enought time 😀


    Have updated to DSM 6.1 and again have same issues with ttyUSB drivers not recognized.
    I had to install ones from Jahlal aka jumbotroll, then change rights to 777, then restart zwave service to get zwave to work (+php link trick :p).
    I then restarted my syno and drivers was not correctly loaded again with rights issue.
    I saw that PulseStation modules are launched through : /usr/local/etc/rc.d/S99Modules.sh
    This script is unloading system USB modules and loading the ones from Pulsestation from /var/packages/PulseStation/target/active, then changing rights.

    I think Pulsestation USBserials are not up to date with my system, then it fail to load modules and to set rights.
    How to update usb modules from pulsestation?


    You should be able to see if it doesn’t work from the install logs.
    Normally our drivers should work now, especially since they worked for you before.

    Synology didn’t change anything compared to DSM 6 in terms of USB drivers, they should all still work.
    Which model, dsm version number and cpu type do you have? Then I can verify it and add it if needed.

    Thank you

    Kind regards,


    Which install logs are you talking? DSM 6.1 or PulseStation?
    I did not reinstall PS, just upgraded DSM.

    My syno is a 1511+ with intel atom.
    it’s a shame I didn’t keep the “dmesg | grep USB” result: it was like that but with different versions:
    [ 108.882850] cp210x: version magic ‘3.10.35 SMP mod_unload ‘ should be ‘3.10.77 SMP mod_unload ‘

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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