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    the next step for me will be to integrate TV and Receiver to Pulsestation. After long a long search I finally always found this https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00Q6SXTPS.
    The Remotec ZXT120.
    I didn`t find any user experience with this small gadget…
    Is anyone here, who already has involved this to his home?

    I want to make just a small scene for starting:
    IF Sunday 8:00 am
    THEN turn on TV and change to Channel 6 (Panorama WebCams from the ALPs ;-))


    Miss Laura

    From what I understood, this device is only able to turn on/off aircondition units.
    Can anyone confirm this?

    Myself I am using an Orvibo ALLONE.
    The guys from PulseStation also sell this device at lower prices, so just ask them in the chat or leave a message.

    This device is great for controlling the tv and learning new IR commands + is very cheap, BUT:
    all the IR codes are stored in your phone and not inside the Orvibo.
    This prevents PulseStation to control your Orvibo.
    So you will still need to use the app from Orvibo to control your tv.
    It does have basic scenes included, allowing you to do what you wanted to do.

    Have fun,


    I ordered the ZXT120 today and will have a look at it by myself. As mentioned in some articles you can teach it the codes from every remotecontrol.
    I`m going to write my experience as soon as possible.


    The good news:
    – inklusion: perfect
    – change mode from “Always listening” to FLiRS (working with battery): perfect
    – There are 22 postitions you can teach your own IR code. (TV on/off)

    The bad news:
    – I was not able to turn the ZXT120 in learning mode !:-(

    Maybe I got a broken device….

    So in the end:
    Sit and wait and sent back to Amazon.

    Anyone got it work?

    Miss Laura

    As far as we know, it’s really difficult to get it to learn non-airco commands.
    You need to have another device in order to get the string to send and then copy it to the config of the ZXT120.
    It’s quite difficult.

    If you want a price for the Orvibo ALLONE, just ask.

    Have fun,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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