Fibaro Dimmer2 (FGD-212) blew up

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    Hey, I installed a Fibaro dimmer module today. After wiring the module according to the manual (diagram 1) and also in accordance with the wiring of the previously installed dimmer, I re-activated the fuse. The dimmer literally blew up!!!!

    Any professional electrician here? Was the dimmer defective? What could have gone wrong?

    Fibaro Diagram:

    Original Dimmer diagram:
    20151228 210142 resized
    (-A2 and N were connected as well)

    I translated the connectors as follows (old to Fibaro):
    L = L
    N = N
    +A1 = S1
    -A2 = Sx
    (X) = (dimmer symbol)

    Any obvious mistakes? Thanks for your help.


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    You try to connect your module with wrong diagram. If you see the fibaro diagram, you don’t use the NEUTRAL.
    If you want to use the neutral, connect the module like:

    S1=push button
    SX= push button WITHOUT LINE or NEUTRAL connected
    (x)= your light

    PLease follow the operating manual with the Fig-2 Wiring diagram 3-wire connection


    Hey, thanks for your help. The thing is: there is no obvious wire for Sx.

    brown = L
    blue = N (most likely)
    grey = Lamp
    black = switch (momentary switch)

    In the original setting, the blue and black were connected (-A2 with N, see photo). What do you make of that?

    Thanks again


    If I understandwith your original setting:

    Brown = L
    Blue = N and A2
    grey = lamp
    Black = A1
    Is it true?

    Is ok, you need to connect like that:
    Fibaro FGD 212
    exemple 1:
    Brown = L
    Blue = not connected
    Black = Sx AND N (momentary switch)
    Grey = Lamp
    and you need a second wire between S1 and momentary switch

    exemple 2:
    Brown = L
    Blue = N
    Black = Sx (momentary switch)
    and you need a second wire between S1 and momentary switch

    For the 2 exemples, you need a second wire to connect the momentary switch.
    If we can, try to get the wire between the momentary switch and the live lead (L).

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