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    I have some configuration problems with my new Fibaro RGBW Controller. Behind them I have RGB light strips … Now I have set up some Scenes to Change the color of them. But After a short time the color changes from the choosen one over White to blue and the brightness changes too.

    the next one: sometimes after I turne the lights of, the turn on again.

    can anyone help, please?

    Miss Laura

    Lights turn on themselves after some time:
    – Check the associations tab of your rgbw device in zwave. Maybe it’s linked to another device?
    – Check all your blocky scenes, maybe one of them is triggering the device to go on again.

    It’s very strange the color changes automatically.
    Does it change only once, or it keeps on changing?
    There must be some device or scene firing this action, it should never do this itself.
    Check the 2 lines mentioned above, especially the associations.

    Have fun,


    You’r right it’s very strange. …

    I’ve found my mistake.
    I’ve forgot to set the “run Scene manually” block in the scene.

    Now everything runs fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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