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    Hi everyone,
    can anyone help me with this scene?
    Because I don`t get it to work… 🙁
    Blocky Scene Strobo


    I now found the right syntax for changing Parameter 8 to 10…
    But it still doesnt`s work….
    Seems no one uses Fibaro RGBW with scenes 🙁

    Scene Stroboskop



    What is it you want to de precisely?
    Since a police strobe animation is already included in the fibaro rgbw predefined scenes.
    You can just activate it by changing the parameter.

    Or do you want to make your own animation? How should it work?

    Do you get an error message or it just doesn’t work? If you change it manually inside the parameters it does work?

    I do not know why you are trying to repeat things, the strobo effect keeps on playing untill you stop it?

    Kind regards,


    Hi Koen,
    I want to create animation-scenes by myself.
    “It just doesn`t work”
    Setting the Parameters 8-10 work fine.
    9-> “99” means for me no diming steps…
    10-> “0” means for me immediately next step

    So my purpose is:
    I start the scene by setting strobo = true
    I change the parameter 8-10 to get the quick change
    I set to coolwhite (automatically Level 100)
    I set to Level “0”
    I set to red (automatically Level 100)
    I set to Level “0”
    I repeat until I set Color Index to “Off”

    Maybe I just think to complicated…

    With this basic scene, I think, you can go on defining different scenes….
    eg. animated green for watching soccer 😉

    If it runs 😉


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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