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    How do I change default settings in Fibaro motion sensor, like min lux and temp update ?


    Edit the device under the zwave service and go to the tab properties, you should find the property you want under that tab.
    (note that a new release of the zwave service will be available soon)


    Yes I know that but when I try to change someting Pulse Station drops the sensor and can’t find it again.


    The new release dit not change anything,I still lose the connection when I change the settings in the sensor.


    before changing default settings you must wake up the Fibaro sensor by press B-button 3 times and have the blue light, then change and save.


    or you can update yours parameters and wait for next wakeup of device. It should enqueue updates….on my side it works like that.


    As an editor from tiny sensor has a built-in temperature and motion sensor, light sensor With the ability to detect minute movements, measure temperature and even light meter etc. As an editor from nursing assignment help, what all you need to do is to just make sure the Sensor is running then Press and hold the B-button and with the gap of 4-6 seconds for the visual LED indicator to glow yellow, release the B-button. Click the B-button once and as soon as it turns into red color and then it fades means you have made success

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