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    I added a scene as a device on the dashboard (by “generate panels”). It adds a panel with 1 button “button.send”. I changed the button text to “Run”.

    1. The panel starts the scene successfully (or it was already active?) but I cannot understand how I can stop the scene working?

    2. I added “Run scene manually” at the beginning of the scene. How this “manually” works? Does it stop after one run?

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    I can only answer point 2, point 1 only Mika can answer.

    Point 2:
    By default scenes are executed every minute.
    If you do not IF put conditions in your scene itself, it will run.
    To avoid this, you can use the run scene manually block.
    This will stop the scene from running every minute, only when you press the button on the dashboard (or in imperihome), only then the scene will run.

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    Point 1, there are no function to stop a scene.
    The scene stop when all the blocks are executed.

    Normally the scenes take a few seconds/minutes(for a big one) to be executed.
    If there is a problem in the script, the scene stops.

    Do you need to stop a scene ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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