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    I’m trying to get the ImperiHome service to work. It shows it’s running when I install it in Pulse Station. In the iOS app I choose the Standard System and it says it connects and I can start adding devices on pages. When I choose a GreenWave device to control my lights, it gets added to a page. As soon as I click that page though the Administration panel in Pulse Station shows the Imperihome gets stopped. Nothing happens also with the light. After a few seconds the service starts again. As soon as I click the page in the app again, the service stops again.

    I can control the light from the dashboard, so that works as it should.

    And when I enter the url for the imperihome port in my browser, it returns the following code:
    {“id” : “My Service”, “apiversion” : 1}

    Is this a bug with the Imperihome service? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Kind regards,



    Hi Henri,
    I`ve got 2 greenwaves integrated.
    Can you control your device with a scene?
    In Pulsestation mine is:
    Typ: Binary Switch
    Product: PowerNode 1 port
    At Imperihome it is recognized normal as a Switch.

    As I understand, you install Imperihome for the first time?
    Take a look at Imperihome Service “DevSwitch”.
    ;Binary Switch;Binary Power Switch;Virtual Binary Switch;Siren;
    Important “;” in the beginning and in the end of line.

    Hope it helps…



    Did you manage to get it to work?
    It’s working for other users.

    Worst case try the clear config within the controller commands (do not reset your usb key).
    If that doesn’t work, you can try excluding and including again.
    Also verify the imperihome service settings mentioned above by Djandib.

    Kind regards,


    Hello Djandib and Rens,

    Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. In Pulse Station the Greenwave is recognized and registered as Binary Power Switch in the Zwave list. I can turn it on and off on the Pulse Station Dashboard. But when I try to access it through the Imperihome app the Imperihome service stops and it doesn’t respond. The switch keeps working via the PulseStation dashboard though. I checked the DevSwitch settings in PulseStation. They are the same as you have Djandib.

    I’m lost. Right now I login to the Dashboard interface of PulseStation to turn the lights on and off, but that takes too much time as I have to login every time by hand. Anymore ideas?

    Thanks in advance,



    You can create a Blocky scene that does a toggle (if on, turn off | if off, turn on).
    Then that scene you can use inside Imperihome.

    I started rewriting the first service, but I am also looking into a new technology.
    Will keep you posted if there is news.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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