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    Hi there,
    I´ve got problems implementing my new Wansview NCM625GA
    I found a cgi documentation:

    I already made my cam work with Pulsestation:
    camera.flux: /mjpeg/stream.cgi?chn=0
    camera.username: admin
    camera.password: xxx
    2nd Page:
    camera.tilt.up: /hy-cgi/ptz.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&act=up
    and so on.

    1) Using Firefox: at the Dashboard I can see only picture and not the stream. Where is my error?
    2) Where can I see the “Buttons” for moving the Camera?


    Miss Laura
    Miss Laura

    1) Does it work in other browsers? Maybe a plugin is missing.
    2) You can create either individual virtual url devices to control it, that call the url to move the camera,
    or you can create a list of values virtual device, using scenes you can then call the url’s to move the camera.

    Have fun,



    Hi, thanx.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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