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    I tried to create a simple scene with the motion sensor – trigger when movement is detected. None of the automated scene triggers work. Not only with the motion sensor. Turn switch on at 10:00 for example does not work either.
    Do I have to activate blockly first?
    The services core, scene, zwave and database are running. 3 devices are installed, the switch works fine manually.


    HI bambuz,
    no, it doesn`t has to start.
    – Try to “deactivate” all your scenes by adding a “Run blockly manually”
    – make a new Scene “Add log”+Text modul”******** Test” and save it.
    – wait one minute
    – take a look at the scene log.

    Do you see the “******** Test” in the log-File?


    Miss Laura

    Or contact us via the live chat.
    Probably you are not using the device event block.
    Check out our examples in the faq.

    Have fun,


    Thanks for the replies. After several test and restarts of the servicec it is working now, don´t ask why. But one problem left. When the motion sensor fires, pulsstation does not always detect it. And sometimes there is a delay of 10 seconds or more. Or the switch turns on and two seconds later off. Really funny behavior. Do you have a solution for that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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