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    Hello, I need your assistance

    After installing according to instructions on my DS215j running DSM 6.0-7321 Update 3:
    MariaDB, PulseStation
    ssh sudo mv /usr/bin/php /usr/bin/phpORIG
    ssh sudo ln -s /volume1/@appstore/PHP5.6/usr/local/bin/php56 /usr/local/bin/php

    the http://IP-OF-YOUR-SYNOLOGY/PulseStation/ web page is not found

    This is the log:

    04/30/16-16:50:23 Installation started
    04/30/16-16:50:23 PulseStation’s web interface installed.
    04/30/16-16:50:23 DSM Major version : 6.
    04/30/16-16:50:23 DSM6 -> Default PulseStation’s services installed.
    04/30/16-16:50:23 Configuration done.
    04/30/16-16:50:23 Shortcut created.
    04/30/16-16:50:24 Script to restart application after reboot done.
    04/30/16-16:50:24 Drivers installed.
    04/30/16-16:50:25 Drivers loaded.
    04/30/16-16:50:25 Installation successfull.

    What should I do ?
    Many thanks in advance


    no response, I can’t go further, I will uninstall tomorrow
    Too sad



    I do not know what the issue is.
    It should work just out of the box, like it does for nearly all users.
    Can you contact us in the live chat (box on the right), then we can organize a teamviewer session that I can take a look together with you.

    Thank you.

    Note: did you use your local ip?
    If you use a remote ip you also need to use the remote port of DSM webstation.

    Kind regards,


    it works: webstation was missing…

    I’d like now experience with Yahoo Weather before installing the Zwave dongle.
    The following services are started: Core, Database, Identification, Scene and Yahoo Weather.
    A database panel and a Yahoo Weather panel have been added.
    The Graphics menu gives me the message “Unable to connect to the database; verify your “Database” service’s properties”.
    What should I change in the Database properties ?

    Many thanks in advance


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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