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    Is there a way to connect with jeenodes or arduino’s and read out the sensor data provided by these devices? I have a bunch of jeenodes with RF 868Mhz + some sensors (temperature, humidity, light, motion,…) laying around and would like to give them a use.

    Also could the weatherconditions of my Alecto WS 5000 (same as the rebranded Fine Offset WH3081) be read out with Pulse Station?

    Is there a way to control my Velux windows which are already equipped with RF 868 Mhz powered blinds (Velux KSX 100 with iohomecontrol)?


    I think that what you need is support of the RFXCom USB which support 868Mhz.
    The support of this device is in my todo list…


    Hi, I checked this RFX COM adapter but altough it supports a lot of devices it does not support my alecto ws5000 (or a ws4000) or velux blinds…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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