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    Hi there,
    after my system runs now almost perfect, I started to optimize my blocklys to get my scenes hurry up.
    Step 1)
    I made a prescene Variables
    Step 2)
    In this scene all needed variables are got from the HDD
    $sunset = file_get_contents(‘sunset’, FILE_USE_INCLUDE_PATH);
    Step 3)
    In all following scenes you don`t have to get them again from hdd. Variables are not forgotten for one cycle. So you can use them directly
    if $sunset= ….
    <strong>Step 4)</strong>
    Reorganize the scene running only a special time or session with the first if..then
    e.g. “LastRainDay” for sprinkle the garden is only needed, wenn Variable Summer is true

    Has anybody an idea, if it`s a really speed up or only a nice thought?

    At least I have one last “problem”:
    At first position in my variable I have:
    IF Andi-Ping is true
    THEN set $home=1 and open the shutter

    It is felt like I always arrive at home, when all scenes had jus run and must wait 58 seconds.
    Is it possible let the scenes or a least one scene run not only once a minute?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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