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    After installation of pulse station my synology doesnt activate the hibernation anymore.

    I think it is related to the log file of pulse station.

    I wish me an option to disable the log file in the hope that this will fix the hibernation problems.
    Or a way to define the location of the logfile. (why not var/log , sure then its not accessible via web)

    In case this will not fix the hibernation issue:
    I wish that my diskstation shut down the harddrives 🙂

    (Shutdown/Disable of Graphics module is also need, because Maria DB Database is as well on the Volume)


    I think that the hibernation cannot be activate since the zwave module is constantly receiving/sending info.


    As your domotica needs to be available at all times, most users do not want hibernation.

    What you could try is write a scene that stops the zwave service during the night, if you then do not need domotica.
    I just don’t know whether PulseStation will be able to wake up your device again, if you start the zwave service in the morning.
    Also keep in mind that zwave takes about 15 minutes to fully start.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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