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    Here`s a short “How to…”

    IF “Run Scene manually” OR Time = 0:00
    DO Send Pushover

    1) Create a “Virtual Device” “Virtual Binary Switch” named “MANUAL”
    2) Property of “MANUAL” binary.switch= False
    3) Create new Scene:
    IF Comparator “MANUAL” binary.switch = True OR TIME = Time 0:0
    DO Application Pushover
    Device “MANUAL” binary.switch new value False
    4) Got to Dashboard and create a new Panel
    Typ: Binary switch Panel
    Device Typ: Virtual Binary Switch
    Device: Manual
    Property: binary.switch

    <strong>How does it works:</strong>
    If you press the Button “ON” at the dashboard, you will set your virtual.device to “True”.
    The scene will start and in the end your virtual.device is switched back to “False”

    Hope it`s a little bit useful
    Thanx for initial idea from K.Rens


    Thanks for sharing your scene!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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