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    Actual more and more WLAN devices like Power Plug exist. Wlan Devices are not supported by Pulse-Station or Imperihome.

    For my solution I use a PowerPlug, which can be used with the “Smart Life” App.
    For Example:
    The “Smart Life”-App can be implemented in IFTTT as an THEN-Tree.

    1. Create a IFTTT Trigger at Pulse-Station as described here:
    2. For the THIS look for the Service WEBHOOKS (I think former MAKER)
    3. Create a trigger: Strom-1 Strom-1
    4. Fill the iftt.event with a default. E.g.” strom-1-off”
    5. Now you can use this trigger only by change the eventname:
    event = strom-1-on = Power On
    event = strom-1-off= Power Off
    6. With this Blocky you can turn on the power:
    If you want: save this as a manually run blocky scene and use it on its own.

    Now let`s look at Imperihome:
    There aren`t any buttons for WLAN devices so we have to use Virtual Binary Switches.
    7. Create a virtual binary Switch “Strom-1-V”
    8. Create a virtual binary Switch “Strom-1-V_status”
    9. We create this blocky:
    10. Finally use the virtual Binary Switch “Strom-1-V” as a new device at Imperihome

    If you make 2 scenes (on/off) and make them each as a new device in Imperihome, the reaction starts immediately (Step 6)
    If you make 1 scene (Step 10), the reaction starts the next cycle of the scenes.

    Feel free for any comments


    Andreas Brandl

    After my Pulse-Station crashed several times, I think there is a bug in the IFTTT Service (but cannont confirm it 100%).
    I use now a direct request for IFTTT within a php-blocky and uninstalled the IFTTT-Service:
    USE_YOUR IFTTT_KEY = You get it at IFTTT

    $temp = file_get_contents(“”.$ifttt_event.”/with/key/USE_YOUR IFTTT_KEY”);


    Feel free for comments

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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