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    my name is Andi and I live in Munich.
    I work now with Pulse-Station for about one year and I asked Koen to open this topic.

    The intension is to help new customers with blocky by showing them examples and getting inspiration about making new scenes which you never have thought before.

    So please post your scenes by describing the problem and how did you solve it.



    My name is Christophe.
    I recently install Pulsestation and i try to use basic scene with blockly just to begin.
    I did not manage to activate a simply scene like switch on the light if time is 07:00.
    I wrote the scene but i don’t know if i have something else to do or to activate it (on dashboard, on device ?..).
    Have you a video which could help me ?
    I use a FGS-211 and i connect a light. I can switch on/off with pulse-station and Imperihome but can’t do automatisation.
    Thanks for help !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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