[Support request] yweather.json and vdevice.json are not updated

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    I’m back with the same issue, never solved: yweather.json is not updated. but now I see that the vdevice.json is not updated too.
    I change the vdevice value through dashboard or vdevice service pannel and it is not updated in file.
    Same for yweather, I can create a device, but can’t change the city, and value are never updated.
    files are http:http 777 for yweather and 644 for vdevice.
    I can edit files manually, but pulsestation can’t…why? which process is writing thoses files?
    this issue in durring from month, I’ve reinstalled few times and can’t figure what’s is going on.
    Please give some tips to search.


    UP please


    Is there any support there?


    Same problem here with vdevices.
    I can create new devices from the admin panel but once they are created i can’t updated them.

    Not possible to add values to a LOV for example.


    It’s back to work for me.
    with no action from my side, it’s working again since I have updated several synology packets (ex: MariaDB, …) now Yweather and vdevice are working, and even graphics are working.
    Vdevice dashboard panel (simple vswitch) is not updating correctly: I switch it ON and after 10sec it is back to OFF itself, but the value is good in the file…
    Try to check our DB connexion, maybe it’s linked.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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