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    I would like to put forward the idea of having a self-test funtionality for the z-wave service. I don’t know why, but sometimes (after a reboot of the DiskStation) the z-wave service doesnt work. Most of the times I click on “RESTART SERVICE” for the zwave service and 20 minutes later everything is good.

    But: The system could do that by itself. Send a test command, if no proper action is happening restart the z.wave service.

    Good? Feasible?

    Thank you


    Normally there already had a functionnality to restart automatically a service.
    With the “autorestart” property.

    You also have to know that when you start the zwave service it takes some time to the openzwave lib to build your network.
    Generally you have to wait a few minute(depending of the number of devices) before getting everything working fine.


    Hey, thanks for your reply. The “Auto Restart” function is activated, yet the system is sometimes inactive in the morning. Even one hour after DiskStation reboot. I guess, the AutoRestart doesn’t notice the malfunction.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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