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    I want to install Pulse Station on my Synology 215J and I’d like to know how it works (I’me new on domotics, I work as a network engineer).
    I’ve some questions to you because I’d like to understand the communication between devices.
    I don’t understand what is the role of Z-wave protocol and why on the raspberry pi I need to use Z-wave plus module.
    All my devices work through wifi network or specific radio communications?
    If devices works on my wifi network I’ve just to install Pulse Station and configure them.

    The second question is about the procedure to install ImperiHome on my tablet.
    After installing this app, have I to configure something on my Pulse Station platform?

    I’m sorry for my questions but I’m new.

    Many thanks


    Z-wave is working on it’s own wireless frequency.
    Depening on your region in the world, it will be a different frequency.

    Since your raspberry pi/synology nas cannot communicate wirelessly, you need a z-wave usb key to talk to your hardware.
    You do not need both a raspberry pi and a synology nas, one of both is fine.

    For Imperihome:
    You just need to install the Imperihome service from the Add-ons inside the PulseStation administration panel. If you are on a synology nas, you also need to open the port in your firewall.
    Then you just open the imperihome app and follow the instructions as described in our “Frequently asked questions” section.

    It’s all very easy.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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