Best domotica protocols 2017

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best domotica protocols 2016

Before you buy a domotica system, ALWAYS ask which communication protocol it uses and supports.

There is a huge difference between them, so asking yourself this question is crucial for relaxing in your home/office.
You want a system that supports several protocols, so that you are ready for the future in case one becomes standard.


Z-Wavezwave plus domotica

+ Wireless
+ Cheap hardware
+ Range from 30m to 120m
+ Mesh network (every devices extends the range of your entire network)
+ Very secure (encrypted communication via zwave plus)
+ Feedback after switching a device (did it succeed?)
+ Bidirectional
+ feedback whether switching devices worked or not
+ Easy to find a lot of hardware that supports z-wave
+ Proprietary radio system, making certain all devices speak the same language

Our rating: 9/10

EnOceanEnOcean domotica protocol

+ Wireless
+ No battery, no power connection: they get power from temperature, motion, temperatuur, rotation and light
+ Bidirectional communication, routing and encryption at a datarate of 125kbit/s
– More expensive then z-wave
– Bit more noisy, as switches are producing energy
– they make a clicking noise
– No multisensors
– Requires active repeater if you extend over more then 2 devices
– Older hardware is unidirectional
– More difficult to find the hardware in stores

Our rating: 7/10

x10x10 domotica protocol

+ Wired and wireless
+ Very cheap
+ Oldest domotica protocol
+/- Control up to 264 devices
– No feedback after switching a device (did it succeed?)
– Limited range – Difficulties penetrating walls & floors
– Impossible to know the current state of your devices
– No encryption in communication
– Only for hobby, no professional use recommended
– Original company went bankrupt in 2011, since then no new developments have been made

Our rating: 3/10

CoCo, klik-aan-klik-uit, rfxcom, …

Variation on the X10 protocol, but they are not compatible with X10.
Same evaluation as X10 above, except for the last line.

Our rating: 5/10

ZigbeeZigbee domotica protocol

+ Speed up to 250kbit/s
+ Range from 10m to 100m
+ Mesh network (every devices extends the range of your entire network)
+ Hardware not country specific
– More Interoperability problems then Z-wave, since no proprietary radio system
– Many Zigbee devices cannot work together. This is a major setback.

Our rating: 6/10

KNXKNX domotica protocol

+ Very big and well known protocol
+ Industrial quality
+ Lots of devices available
– Very expensive
– Difficult to connect to webservices
– If they offer webbased solutions, the link is not often shared to other domotica systems
– Needs expensive software to program your devices

Our rating: 7/10

IP based

+ Fast data transfer
– Less reliable: wifi signals can easily be jammed or disturbed
– No universal API or way of communication, every device needs to be supported individually

Our rating: 7/10


+ All devices act as Controller and Slaves
+ Mesh network (every devices extends the range of your entire network)
+ Backwards compatible with X10 + Both wired and wireless
+ Bidirectional communication
+ Automatic inclusion of new devices
– Limited type and range of products available
– Limited heathing control
– Only 1 vendor
– Benefits of Insteon only start for bigger (commercial) networks
– The wireless devices are based on X10, just look at the many negative points above…)

Our rating: 7/10


[table] Protocol,Z-Wave,EnOcean,X10 based,IP-devices, KNX, Zigbee,Insteon


Success feedback,Yes,Only new hardware,No,Partially,Yes,Yes,Yes

Mesh network,Yes,Yes,No,No,No,Yes,Yes

Security protocol,Highest,High,No,Medium,High,High,High

Easyness to find hardware,Easy,Difficult,Easy,Easy,Easy,Medium,Medium

Devices use same language,Yes,Yes,Yes,No,+/- Yes,No,Yes

Device range,High,High,Lowest,High,High,High,High [/table]

Please do reach out in case something is missing in here. We really want it to be correct!

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