Configure the FGRM-222 in PulseStation

I’ll describe how to configure the Roller Shutter FGRM-222 Zwave’s device in PulseStation.

Once the device is installed, include the device like any other Zwave’s device.

Go into PulseStation Zwave’s service, you should see your new device in the list :


Now that your device is correctly recognize by Pulse Station, you have to configure it.

To do that simply go to page “6” of the properties’s tab and set the property “Forced Roller Shutter calibration” to “Start calibration process”.


Your roller shutter will start to go down and up.
Once it’s done, your roller shutter is calibrate.

You also have to configure the properties “Roller Shutter Operating” and “Switch Types” on page “4” and “5” regarding your configuration.

You are now ready to use correctly your device.

Additionnaly you can generate the panel for your device (I customize it a little bit):