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Hi JMarc,

Well, I have the same problem:
– In the second case /Automaticaly) when I push de button I have seen this message in core service log (PAMETERS_PROBLEM)

2015-09-11 09:15:17.539 vdevices : Message received – 1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|3|true|1441955717020|09eb3f2aa33e4de8427c9fc7d0db260b
2015-09-11 09:15:18.824 Message In Core : 9|09eb3f2aa33e4de8427c9fc7d0db260b|1|vdevices|HUB|2|PARAMETERS_PROBLEM
2015-09-11 09:15:21.467 Forwarding message : 0|HUB|HUB|AUTORESTART

I don’t know why

I’m fighting on it.


2015-09-11 09:09:47.841 vdevices : Message received – 1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-2|url.one.send|true|1441955384388|8bdb9bf08c0c0c73d2e5d51778b4e86a