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Hi JMarc,

I had the same issue in the beginning.
The distance between the usb key and the swiidinter was too long and I had not enough devices in between to relay the message to it.
It all got a lot faster after I purchased more hardware and added them.

You can try:
– add more hardware
– add a repeater (it’s not listed in the store, but I can sell it at discount if you want)
– reduce the distance between the controller (usb key) and the swiid.

Maybe first try rebuilding your z-wave network.
Under services open zwave, click on the button “Controller commands” and then press “Clear config files”.
It will then rebuild your network, trying to use all devices in it’s network.
Wait 15 minutes at least till every z-wave device is scanned and the network is built.

Then try it again.
This worked for me as well. I do this sometimes after I get new hardware 😉

Kind regards,

Kind regards,