Aeon Miniremote shows "Node failed" after successfully including

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    today arrived a Aeon Miniremote (Z-Wave).
    Per Learn-Button it is included successfully.
    But after a short while in Z-Wave-Service the Miniremote is shown as “Node failed”, but the short time between including and failure it was shown as OK and i was able to configure the 4 buttons (default button, scene-button, etc.).

    Is this a bug or did i do something wrong?

    Thanks and greetings,

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    While it was ok, did it work?

    If a node is failed, you can try to get it fixed by opening the properties of the device and clicking on the button to repair the node.
    If that does not work, you can clear the config files inside the controller commands or try to restart z-wave service.

    Try to keep it within range.

    Kind regards,


    After including the Aeon-device is only for max. 10 seconds “NodeOK”.

    In this time you can only change one property for one button – but you could not save it (it fells back to “default button”).
    After this max. 10 seconds the Node went to “failure” and could not be reactivated.
    My first thought was “out of range”, but the same happens nearby the Diskstation.
    I think the Aeon-Miniremote is not compatible to Pulse-Station. 🙁


    So, it seems that the remote fell to sleep after a few seconds.
    With pressing the “learn-button” for 3 seconds, it should be awake for 30 seconds.
    I did so about 10 minutes ago – and the miniremote is still active (Node.OK).

    But changing the mode of the remote-buttons in z-wave-service is still not be saved and in Blockly i can’t see the remote-device.
    How can the remote-buttons be recognized in Pulse-Station bzw. Blockly?

    Maître des clés

    Can you send me by mail the file “/web/PulseStation/data/zwcfg*.xml” and “zwave.json” ?
    I’ll take a look but I think that I have to code something to make that work…


    Hey guys,

    I have the same problem.
    After 10 seconds the device lost the node to the remote.
    But, I also use the ImperiHome App on my Smartphone. There can I see all my devices and I get also the current temperature of all rooms. But I can’t set the temperature of the devices after 3 seconds they fall back to the default value “0”.

    Can you please help me?

    Maître des clés

    @MrMorgan: can you create a separate topic for the imperihome/heathing issues?
    Please also add more details: which heathing devices do you use etc.

    For the miniremote.
    What do you call “device lost the node”?
    If you see failed, it may just be asleep and you need to wake it up.
    Only after battery devices are woken up, they will update their settings and parameters.

    To support the actual buttons on the miniremote, we would need following files:
    Can you send by mail the file « /web/PulseStation/data/zwcfg*.xml » and « zwave.json » ?

    Kind regards,

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