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    Hello there,

    I am having an issue where my blockly scenes show up empty, and it also shows no xml (just the start and open). Now the code does excist in the scenes folder for xml and php etc. but blocky simply does not see it so it seems.

    And i have found the FAQ about it, but i have not removed any device or anything like it.
    I have installed my devices yesterday, and they all showed and are working, i can power on/off my powerplug, etc. And today i wanted to make a scene to turn on my powerplug between sunset and sunrise.

    any advice would be aprriciated.
    Latest pulsestation, Synology DS213 latest dsm. Using yahoo weahter (have setup location), can manualy control the powerplug with zwave without problem.


    I have always the same problem.
    My workaround: select a scene and click. Wait. and click again.
    After the second selection the wanted scene is shown 😉


    Well slap me silly, it works.

    Then i guess the blocks are there, but i do wonder why my block is not working/executing?

    if time = between sunrise & sunset
    do powerplug switch = true

    as i see it, my powerplug should be on now (its midday here now, so that should be between rise and set), but it is not.
    how are (new) blocks handled? as in when do they run/execute?


    It seems the yahoo weather service is getting an incorrect rise and set value of 01:00 for both of them.
    so rise and set have equal values. and it does not seem to update to correct values, whilest all the other info changes in its properties when chaging location/city.

    part in the widget code not working maybe?


    actually, none of the info the yahoo weather widget shows in its propperties are the same as on the yahoo weather page itself for my city, but the woeid number for my city does match with the one in the url though.

    Maître des clés

    As far as I know, you should not use city id’s but names inside of the parameters.
    Otherwise try deleting and adding your city again.

    A new version of yahoo weather is being released soon, I “just” need to write an update script, as a lot of new paramters are added (forcast for next 10 days).
    In there the code for sunset is fixed. If it then still doesn’t work, just reach out in the chat and we can look together for a fix.

    Kind regards,


    I made a small workaround, because the yahoo service doesn`t work always:
    $sunset = file_get_contents(‘sunset’, FILE_USE_INCLUDE_PATH);
    IF Comparator “Rome” Weather.sunset <> Time 01:00 AND Comparator “Rome” Weather.sunset <> Variable $sunset
    THEN $current = getValue(“yweather”,”yweather-1″,”7″);
    file_put_contents(‘sunrise’, $current);


    alright then, i will wait for a support yahoo weather service update.
    Would be nice to have this function to work on automatic sunset/rise i.s.o. using a fixed variable that i have to change during winter, summer, etc.

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