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    I have a new phenomenon in my system:
    suddenly for no apparent reason, my shutter closes.
    I have a scene that detects a level < 10 and adjusts the shutter accordingly again to 10.
    In the log file the node 21 is the named shutter.
    I have this Problem with ALL my shutters, but random shutter and random time. So I have such movements at night, too.
    Anybody who has an idea?

    I can send log.txt if needed…

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    Did you check the associations?
    Usually this only happens if another device starts sending signals.

    Otherwise try killing the scene service and check whether it stops.

    Kind regards,


    I implemented a Vdevice “STOP” at all my scenes and will set it to true at time between 22 and 4 o`clock.
    I `m going to report tomorrow 😉


    I just checked the log from Scene-Service:

    Last night there was a ghost at 23:33.
    Shutter 1 was closed to 0% by ghost and was triggered again by my selfmade scene to close to 10%.
    I can see this in the log file:
    2016-09-22 23:33:05 Event : Scene “globalscene.php” is already running.

    What`s the differenz between “eventscene.php” and “globalscene.php”?

    In the log-file from vdevices I see:
    2016-09-23 09:37:05 ERROR : The generated json file is not correct!

    Where can I get a correct json file?
    May this cause the ghosts?


    Hi Koen,
    I think I found one hint for the ghost:
    Whyever sometime the level for the shutter ist “” empty.
    My scene “open at least 10” interprets this as “<10” and closes to 10.
    I now elimated the “” in my scene and define “>=0 or <10”.
    I keep on searching if that was the only reason….


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    1) 2016-09-23 09:37:05 ERROR : The generated json file is not correct!
    Aha, sounds like your vdevices service is broken.
    It generates a json file to store the parameters and somehow it got corrupt.
    Probably you have too much [ or } characters at the end.

    I think it’s following file:
    Try validating this file by copy pasting the content into:

    2) Evenscene.php is triggered by an event. Eg: a motion that has been triggered.

    3) Also check your pre-scene, if you set one up, this is executed before any other scenes.
    It’s inside blocky in the dropdown list of scenes, at the bottom.

    Kind regards,


    1) json checked: valid
    but in the vdevices:
    2016-09-30 10:39:05 ERROR : The generated json file is not correct!

    2) I checked scene.log with appearance of an ghost: No scene is running
    at 12:05 I got Pushover-Note: Shutter new level 99
    2016-09-30 12:03:03 Periodic : Start
    2016-09-30 12:03:06 Periodic : End
    2016-09-30 12:04:03 Periodic : Start
    2016-09-30 12:04:06 Periodic : End
    2016-09-30 12:05:01 Periodic : Start
    2016-09-30 12:05:06 Periodic : End
    2016-09-30 12:06:00 Periodic : Start
    2016-09-30 12:06:05 Periodic : End

    3) I have prescene, but only variables or virtual switches are set

    🙁 I think it`s gonna be a long research program….


    is the file eventscene.php a standard file within PS. If yes I don’t have it enventhough after a fresh install. How can I get this file for synology and raspberry?

    If it is userspecific my question is obsolet

    Maître des clés

    I believe this file is created once you define a globalscene in the scene settings.

    Kind regards,

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