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    I’m a new user and before more investment in Pulse-station I’m checking the basic possibilities of you product. AT the moment I have no Zwawe hardware connected I just try your product with Yahoo meteo. It runs only since 15 hours and I noticed that the scale stay allways on the same day, without any details of hour, minutes, seconds. EVen when changing the scale it is still the same. It is a yahoo meteo service but or a problem with the graphic module ?

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    When you talk about the scale it’s in the administration part or on your dashboard ?

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    And before the graphic system can work, you need the database service installed and set-up correctly.
    Otherwise no data can be stored for the graphics.

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    I installed the database Service.
    Port: 4025
    Automatic reboot: yes
    Database: PulsestationDB
    User: root
    PW: ****
    Host: Localhost

    I added new Grafic:
    Properties: database.graphic.device & are empty 🙁

    How can I do set-up correctly??

    (Finally I can offer again a tutorial..)

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