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    I have an alarm that is ifttt capable. I’ve manage to set a ifttt applet that is calling an URL when alarm is triggered.
    But now I what to launch a pulsestation scene when alarm is trigered.
    Is the ifttt service needed to do that or it’s just for trigger ifttt?
    Where can find http requests exemple to launch scenes? how to launch those scene with some security (https, authent,…) form Ifttt ?

    thanks in advance.



    Hi Mac,

    I wrote an article about connecting Alexa with Pulsestation.

    You can do the same way with an IFTTT trigger.

    Does this help you?




    Hi Djandib,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, I think this can help.
    I think it’s better to use a php page with a secret code than dirctly expose pulseStation 4020 port over internet…
    I think I will although use httpS.
    where can I get the syntax to command my devices like you did: “http://LocalIP:4020/message=1|HUB|vdevices|UPDATEPROPERTY|vdevices-26|1|false”



    Sorry, was away for some month from this topic…
    Just have a look in the log of the core:


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