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    I would like to use the Fibaro wall plug with my washing machine in the basement and have Pulse Station flash a red LED in the apartment when the washing machine is done.

    So this scene should only be active if there is a power draw at all. (The washing machine is turned on.) The lamp should only flash if the power draw is below a certain treshold. (The machine is not working hard anymore -> the washing cycle is done.

    scene washing machine

    I tested the scene a water boiler plugged into the Fibaro wall plug. The LED always blinks.

    And I have two questions:
    Is there any way to see what power draw the Fibaro wall plug reports to Pulse Station?
    Is there any way to stop a scene from being executed even if the right values are true? (Can I tick it off somewhere and mark it as inactive?)

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    scene washing machine

    Had problems posting the image. Sorry.

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    Dont see your image.

    Normally you can find the power consumption via the properties of your device inside the zwave service.

    I dont know what kind of scene do you have but there is no way to stop a scene for the moment.
    You have to add some “if…else” block to change the variable of a device and then your scene wont run anymore.


    So what image-hoster do you usally use to post images in forums? I used

    The URL to the image is: The

    In the properties of the Fibaro Wall Plug, there are two power fields which display 0 W, even if the water boiler is running and the LED-ring of the plug displays that a lot of power is being used. These fields don’t seem to update. The only field that’s updating is the energy-field wich displays 0.11 KWh right now.

    Greetings, Jodox

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    And is the “energy-field” is different when there are comsumption ?

    Maybe you have to use that one.
    (I see the image now)

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    My Fibaro wall plug tells me the “Power” value correctly, in Watts.
    I indeed also have 2 “Power” fields, one is always wrong, the other one is correct.

    I usually do trial and error to find out which one of the 2 Power parameters is correct.

    It’s strange it does not update for you. You could try looking at the parameters of your plug, how often it reports power usage.
    For me I see it +/- every 30 seconds, also visible in the zwave logs.

    I have the same set-up, an sms is sent once the washing machine is done (no power used).
    I then also shut down the wall plug and put this in the IF statement to stop the scene from running.

    Kind regards,

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